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Woodland Animal Skittles

Woodland Animal Skittles

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Strike! There’s a skittle party in the forest with this friendly bunch of woodland creatures. These brightly coloured FSC® Certified wooden skittles love nothing more than being toppled over, picked back up, and then knocked over again!

These wooden animals are perfect for helping kids’ develop excellent hand/eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. The skittle game is also ideal for developing basic numeracy skills as little ones can work out many skittles are left for them to knock down. 

Crafted from FSC® Certified materials (FSC® C147826), this wooden toy has had a sustainable journey from forest to store. The quality, ethically sourced wood is hard-wearing and can withstand years of skittle play! The wooden animals are also painted in child-friendly paint.

Suitable age 2+ year

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