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The mystery bundle will include items from any season, and your bundle items will be coordinated as much as possible. We figure that the summers we have in the UK, it doesn't matter if sleeves / legs are long or short you will still get a good amount of wear. (We will however not include any Christmas theme items.)

Items are from older seasons stock, no current stock is included at the moment.

The sizes are listed to show UK brand sizes and the Scandi brand equivalent that we would send you. Please check that you select the correct box size.

We have added gender options too, this is mainly so that we don't put a dress or skirt into a box for a boy.

The box value will have an RRP of £70+ with items being included at half price or less.

The mystery bundle is only returnable as a whole package.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not accept any rewards or discount codes to be used against the price of our mystery bundles. Orders will be adjusted where a code has been added. 

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