Rainbow VIPs

Rainbow VIP's rewarding your loyalty

At Rainbow Nation Clothing we believe it is important to reward customer loyalty.

To join the Rainbow VIP's, and start earning towards your perks, you need to create a website account, at the top of the home page, and then activate a customer reward account. The link can be found as a green basket icon at the bottom left hand side of the home page. Without registering in both of these places you will not become a member of the scheme, as the system will not recognise your purchases.

There are several ways to earn points, and also different ways to redeem them!

Gaining rewards:

Reward On Sign Up:
You will be rewarded 100 raindrops just for signing up to the scheme! 
Reward On orders:
Raindrops are earned on all purchased items, at a rate of 5 for every £1 spent. Raindrops are rewarded against product values, but not delivery charges. 
Raindrops are awarded to your account following completion of your payment. Where products are returned or cancelled, adjustments are made to reflect the new total spend.
Reward On your birthday:
We will award 500 raindrops on your birthday. (Accounts must be opened at least 30 days before your birth date.)
Reward On Referrals:
If you refer us to a friend then both of you will each earn a 10% discount voucher, to use on an order of £20 or more. Referrals can be found once logging into the reward programme.
Your friend will have to register and use their voucher before yours is activated, to prevent misuse.
Promotions to award additional raindrops may be run from time to time. These points are added manually.
Please note we have a zero tolerance to misuse of the loyalty scheme, including referrals of family members, or self referral. Discounts and vouchers accessed unfairly will be blocked, and you make be removed from the scheme.

Spending rewards:

You can cash your raindrops in at any time, but you can choose to spend a sprinkle of drops, or wait until they grow to a puddle! The longer you wait, the more you will earn.
  • 100 raindrops = £1 discount
  • 250 raindrops = 5% discount code which can be used on any size order
  • 500 raindrops = £6 discount
  • 1000 raindrops = £14 discount
Rainbow Nation Clothing reserve the right to alter the scheme terms and conditions at any time, but notice of 21 days will always be given to account holders where changes may have a negative affect on members.  Dated details of changes would be shown on this page as highlighted text. 
We reserve the right to permanently remove any member thought to be misusing the scheme, our website, or behaving inappropriately towards our business on facebook or other public platform.
Where we find these things taking place and the scheme notification is classed as 'high risk fraud' the customer order will be cancelled, and the customer will be removed from the scheme instantly. We will not take the time to email, but will keep a copy of the notification that we took action on, it can be provided on request.
For 'Medium risk fraud' notifications (where a customer has been active in a fraudulent request, but not yet used any code produced), or helped someone else to act fraudulently, all codes will be cancelled and customers involved will be put on a watch list. Any repeat attempts we will take the same action as above.
We may also decide to remove customers from our shopping facility altogether.
For any problems or queries relating to the scheme please email us.