Rainbow Rewards

Rainbow VIP's rewarding your loyalty

At Rainbow Nation Clothing we believe it is important to reward customer loyalty. We run a generous scheme enabling discounts, offers and treats, for members to access as they shop with us online. 

To join the Rainbow Reward Scheme just create a store account at the top of the home page, or via the rewards tab at the bottom left on the home page. We strongly recommend that you also agree to sign up for email contact, allowing you to receive the required information for obtaining the extra benefits as you move through the tiers. 

There are several ways to earn points, and also different ways to redeem them!

Earning Points:

  • You will be rewarded 50 points when you sign up for emails.
  • Points are earned on all website purchases at a rate of 5 for every £1 spent.
  • Earn points through friend and family referrals.

Redeeming Points:

To access your rewards log into your reward account, and click 'ways to redeem'.
We have 3 standard value rewards available to all customers:
  • Convert multiples of points into credit vouchers (£2, £5 or £10). These can be cashed in on orders of any value.
Click 'redeem' on the reward option you want to take. The reward will be generated and a code issued. This can be used instantly at checkout, or kept for future use.


Refer family members or friends to Rainbow Nation and the loyalty scheme. Send them an email referral link from your account. When they place their first order as a result of your referral they receive 10% off their order.
Once their order is completed and fulfilled your referral will reward you with 250 points.

Special Loyalty Tiers & Bonuses:

As soon as you place your first order you will promoted into our first Tier 'Admirer', and start to work towards earning additional benefits. Here are the benefits what we offer for each tier:

Tier 1 - Admirer 

This is the starter tier and you will earn points, and redeem as above.

Tier 2 - Enthusiast

*After reaching a total online spend of £250 you will receive a bonus of 1000 points

**Spend on our Facebook Market night events and receive manual points to the value of your spend and free postage. 

Tier 3 - Devotee

*After reaching a total online spend of £400 you will receive a bonus of 2000 points

**Spend on our Facebook Market night events and receive 1.5x points to the value of your spend and free postage. 


*Extra bonuses are communicated by email. **When buying at a Market night you must inform us of your wish to be awarded loyalty bonus points, we will not add points automatically.
  • Reward points are added to your account following order fulfilment. Points are rewarded against product values only, and returns or cancellations will incur adjustments.
  • Points and reward codes awarded are valid for a period of 365 days. Without purchase activity for 12 months or more, points and codes will expire.
  • Only one reward code or voucher code can be redeemed against an order, in order to prevent compounded discounting.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are set up to receive emails at the time of joining the reward scheme. Emails are automated and codes will not be reissued where a customer is found to not be set up to receive them. If a customer unsubscribes from email contact they will also stop receiving emails connected to the loyalty scheme.
  • On occasion the automated system may issue a reward that is not valid according to the tier level you are in. If this is the case we reserve the right to cancel this individual reward without notice. 
  • Some bonus codes, offers and discounts are rewarded with terms attached.
  • Rainbow Nation Clothing reserve the right to alter the scheme terms and conditions at any time, but notice of 21 days will always be given to account holders where changes may have a negative affect on members.  Dated details of changes would be shown on this page as highlighted text. 
  • Orders to earn and spend rewards will always be treated separately, and will not be combined.
  • We reserve the right to permanently remove any member found to be misusing the scheme, including through self referrals, misuse of our website, or behaving inappropriately towards our business. We also reserve the right to cancel any rewards where the system has flagged a level of fraudulent activity.
For any problems or queries relating to the scheme please email us.

NEW SCHEME STARTED 27TH AUGUST 2022, updated 13th May 2023