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Water Buffalo Balancing Game

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Hello handsome Buffalo! Are you ready to test your strength? Let’s go! This wooden game for children aged 3 and over is fun and beautiful to look at. Our buffalo will do his best to retain his calm as players take turns to cover his back with more and more little birds. But be careful as it’s easy to unbalance the buffalo, causing all the birds to fall to the ground!
This game of skill includes a solid wood buffalo and 10 birds in delicate colours: 5 large ones (54 mm) and 5 small ones (44 mm). Suitable for one or more players. The player who puts on one bird too many is the loser! The buffalo has a bell at the back, and his ears are made of soft felt. His neck bounces around on a spring, too, which is bound to make kids laugh. 
  • Dimensions:  16 x 13 x 22 cm 
  • Develops skill, dexterity and problem solving
  • FSC®-certified wood
  • Water based paints
  • 3-6 years old

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