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Miracle 360 Sippy Cup 296ml

Miracle 360 Sippy Cup 296ml

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Let's face it: toddlers and young kids are a messy bunch, especially when first navigating sippy cups. Now imagine a world in which drinks didn't spill at all - not in the nappy bag, not on the nightstand, and not even onto an eager-to-learn child. No, it's not a miracle, exactly - it's Munchkin's Miracle 360° Cup.

Want extra security from spills when not in use?

The first sippy cup invented with both parents and kids in mind, the Miracle 360° Trainer Cup eliminates messes and supports kids' oral development all at once! Drinking from anywhere around the rim, like a regular cup, helps support normal muscle development in a child’s mouth. And with no extra spouts, straws or pieces, the Miracle 360° Cup is easy to use and even easier to clean.

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