Solar Buddies Solar Buddies Twin Pack - 3 options
Solar Buddies

Solar Buddies Twin Pack - 3 options

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Solar Buddies are the worlds first child friendly sunscreen applicator designed specifically for use by children!

  • Solar Buddies applicator is refillable and allows you to use a sunscreen or alternative cream of your choice.
  • The shape of the bottle is chunky so it is easier to grip, and with its sponge and rollerball partnership it allows for easy coverage with less mess and no waste due to its controlled flow. This means no more messy hands and that’s why it’s so unique.
  • The applicator is also a great sun safe teaching tool that allows your children to understand the importance of protecting their skin.
  • We always recommend adult supervision when your child is applying their own sunscreen to make sure of complete coverage.
  • The applicator is perfect for children to take on days out, to school etc allowing easy re-application of sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Multi colour applicator choices to differentiate between contents, or ownership.
  • Solar Buddies have an anti-bacterial coating, are BPA free and are recyclable.


Filling your Solar Buddie:

Each applicator holds 100ml. Applicators sold as an empty vessel. Sunscreen not included. Use with a sunscreen of your choice.

Solar Buddies work with most sunscreens and creams. We advise not to use oily or watery types (e.g Sprays) as they can leak. For us conventional sunscreens from ‘squeezy’ bottles work best. Thicker creams can work but may need a little help getting to the roller ball, and coverage may not be as smooth. If you have any questions about the best products to use please do get in touch!

Care of your Solar Buddie:

  • Hand wash all parts in warm soapy water
  • Squeeze excess water out of the sponge
  • Allow to air dry before refilling.

Replacement sponge heads are available to buy when required. Also why not add a carry clip to enable easy handling when out and about.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Bennett

I bought two solar buddies from Rainbow Nation 🌈 and they came incredibly quickly. The best thing about them is that my kids can put their own suncream on without making a mess. My eldest son who is 5 loves putting his own suncream on and the brush is super super soft.

Definitely recommend for any parents wanting to put sun cream on their kids in a quick and fuss free way. Getting kids ready in the morning now is genuinely quicker.

Ps they work on adults even when they have as much hair on their legs as a yeti!

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