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Organic Baby Comforter

Organic Baby Comforter

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Best seller - Under the Nile baby comforter in a variety of prints, are handmade from 100% Egyptian organic cotton fabric, including the stuffing!

They are also a Fair Trade and GOTS certified product. Fabrics are upcycled from the manufacture of organic baby clothes, so nothing is wasted! 100% cotton ensures this toy can class as Vegan Friendly too.

Size 20cm x 24cm - These comforters are the perfect size to be safe for newborns, but are also large enough to be gripped and carried by an older toddler.

The 100% cotton fabrication means that the comforter is 'scentable'. Handling from parents will transfer body scents to the fabric, enabling baby to find comfort easily with a scent they know.

Once the product is washed, just re-scent again before use.

Machine washable.

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