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Magnetic Dart Game - Monsters

Magnetic Dart Game - Monsters

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These safe magnetic darts are great for children aged 4 and over! These darts don’t have any sharp points - their magnets stick them to the board as if by magic. The whole family can take on the challenge - it’s like bringing the funfair home!

To win, you’ll need dexterity, concentration and a good aim to outscore your opponents! The target can easily be attached to the wall using the cord provided, meaning you can easily move it around anywhere, inside or out. And what’s more, the target is double-sided. so you can practice on 2 different boards! This game isn’t just great fun - it also helps to develop your child's dexterity, numeracy skills and concentration. The set includes 6 magnetic darts (3 red and 3 yellow).

  • Dimensions:  44 x 4 x 65 cm 
  • 4+ years old
  • Magnetic
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