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Calling all Mums of babies and weaners!

We are excited to introduce the brand 'Munchkin', which produces a successful collection of weaning and dining products in bright vibrant colours and of innovative design.

Steve B. Dunn, established Munchkin in 1991, following the birth of his daughter Beau and identification of a niche for innovative infant and toddler products. The Company's mission is to be the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world and is supported by its dedication to making the best products that puts its customers first while supporting the world around it. Innovation is also at the heart of the Company's ethos, and it has invested in over 180 patents, transforming mundane products into clever solutions.

We particularly love the Miracle 360 cups that dont spill when knocked, and also allow easy drinking from every point on the rim. The cup completely disassembles for cleaning, preventing germs and slime build up.

The Suction Bowls are perfect for lifes food throwers! Stay put bowls that you can fix to a highchair tray or table. The 3 pack has varied sizes suitable for snack and meals.

We also sell cutlery from soft tipped weaning spoons, to toddler 3 piece sets.

You can now buy Munchkin Products online, or in store.


Available Soon - Suction plates and Miracle 360 cups for older toddlers / kids too!

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