Amber Jewellery Guidance

Amber Auksas

Amber Jewellery Specialist


How Do I Choose What Size for My Baby?
Amber Auksas always recommends measuring your baby prior to ordering.  You do not want your necklace to be too tight nor too loose where baby can pull it into his mouth.  About a 2-3 finger gap is perfect for the necklaces, and bracelets/anklets you want to have a good snug fit for maximum contact with the skin.  You can use any sort of string or cord to measure and then just match it up against a tape measure or ruler. Most parents start their baby's bracelet on the ankle to allow the baby to get used to it without chewing it.  It is not toxic to mouth, but if baby does bite a bead, that can cause a choking hazard!

A Good General Size Guide for Babies/Small Children:


10" - Newborns or Growing Preemies

11" - 4-12 Months
12" - 9 months to 2 years
13" - 18 months - 5 years

14" - Over 4 years  


4.5" - Newborns or Growing Preemies

5" - 4-9 Months
5.5" - 9 months to 2 years
6" - 18 months - 3 years

6.5" - 3-5 years


Important safety note for infant/small child sizing!!
For maximum safety & therapeutic benefit, please verify your baby's neck measurement (tight) prior to purchase & add ~2"! Too tight can be uncomfortable and too long is not safe for choking and strangulation reasons.  Baby should not be able to pull the necklace into his/her mouth and bite the beads.  If you are unsure of sizing, please don't hesitate to ask.  Never leave your baby/toddler unattended in teething jewelry and do not let baby yank or pull on the necklace or the cord will break away from the clasp as a safety feature!  Also, please do not overtighten or the plastic screw clasp could split.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baltic Amber?

A precious gemstone naturally made of fossilized, now extinct conifer tree resin found buried in the bed of the Baltic Sea.

How is Baltic Amber Formed?
Molecular polymerization, resulting from high pressures and temperatures produced by overlying sediment, transforms the resin first into "Copal." Sustained heat and pressure drives off "terpenes" and results in the formation of amber.

For this to happen, the resin must be resistant to decay. Many trees produce resin, but in the majority of cases this deposit is broken down by physical and biological processes. Exposure to sunlight, rain, microorganisms (such as bacteria and fungi), and extreme temperatures tends to disintegrate resin. For resin to survive long enough to become amber, it must be resistant to such forces or be produced under conditions that exclude them.  Complicated stuff, but fascinating!

How Does Lithuanian Baltic Amber provide Health Benefits?

Lithuanian Baltic Amber contains a natural chemical called "succinic acid," which if absorbed into the skin, relieves pain, inflammation and stress as well as it's known to relieve many other health conditions, including migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis and more.  We actually already have succinite in our bodies - Baltic Amber does too and it supports our natural supply providing amazing health benefits. No, this isn't junk science nor is it metaphysical - this is real medicine! Eastern Europeans including my Lithuanian ancestors have been using Baltic Amber for hundreds of years to relieve pain long before this healing phenomenon reached the United States! Now, even doctors and nurse practitioners are catching on and offering and or suggesting Baltic Amber for their patients! 


Is Lithuanian Baltic Amber Safe?
Absolutely - as was stated before succinic acid already naturally exists in the human body and Lithuanian Baltic Amber just supplements our supply!  Less than 1% of users report an allergy or irritation to the resin. 

Regarding babies and small children, Amber Auksas ALWAYS recommends children should be monitored especially when wearing necklaces and do NOT allow them to chew on the Amber which could pose a choking hazard.  And lastly, PROPER SIZING IS IMPERATIVE for maximum level of safety, comfort and your peace of mind! Amber Auksas NEVER recommends babies to sleep unattended in teething jewelry!

Is Your Amber Really Authentic/ Certified Lithuanian Baltic Material?
As a proud Lithuanian-American, and having been to Lithuania SEVERAL times,  I source my Amber EXCLUSIVELY from beautiful Lithuania, the heartland of Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea.  It is 100% natural material without harsh treatments.   My suppliers are personal friends of mine whom I trust wholeheartedly.  I work with these few select Lithuanian families whose livelihood has been Lithuanian Baltic Amber for generations.  But I am now taking my work a step further, by submitting large samples from my inventory every 6 months to an independent GIA Graduate Gemologist for testing and authentication.  I am pleased to say every one of my hundreds of samples submitted passed with flying colors and you can see the results scrolling below the FAQ.  I am also the ONLY brand endorsed by the International School of Gemology for 100% authenticity. While other companies with much larger inventories than that of Amber Auksas only submit one to three samples for independent testing, Amber Auksas is FAR exceeding the industry standard not only with quantity of items being tested BUT frequency as well.


What is Ethical Sourcing and Why is This Important? Also, Explain Exactly What This Raw Material Shortage Entails!
With the war and atrocities happening in Ukraine, knowing exactly when and where the raw material for your beads was collected in your supply chain has never been more important. This is why I say my Baltic Amber is ethically sourced - I can guarantee exactly where the raw originated. Not everyone can do this, and especially most non Eastern European sellers would never even consider such a thing. Due to the fact a lot of the amber harvesting infrastructure is run in Kaliningrad (a tiny Russian occupied territory on Lithuania's coastline) and Lithuania and the rest of Europe have boycotted any business in Russia ( including Kaliningrad), this has resulted in a severe shortage of raw material. Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine are still able to collect some amber, but certainly not enough to meet the world's hunger for natural amber! As a result and in desperation, illegally smuggled Russian amber, counterfeit amber and etc alternatives have been making their way including in Lithuania. And prices for natural, ethically sourced material have skyrocketed and continue to climb. Unless your supplier can tell you exactly where the raw material was collected for your jewelry/beads, you could unknowingly and unintentionally be indirectly supporting the war through your purchase, even if it comes out of Lithuania or elsewhere.

Here at Amber Auksas, I am working with every ounce of my being to keep these market conditions as small and gentle as possible in my pricing. However, please be advised that certain colors or grades/shapes for natural Baltic Amber are near impossible to find right now and likely will remain this way for the foreseeable future.     


Why are Your Products so Much Cheaper than Other Retailers?
My heart and vision behind Amber Auksas is to make healing Lithuanian Baltic Amber accessible to EVERYONE, so I work my hardest to keep expenses low without ever compromising quality or the personalized attention I have become known for.  There is also NO distributor or middleman with me - I source directly from my personal friends who generously give me "friend pricing" which I can pass along to you and this makes me so happy to do so.

How Do I Care for Amber?
Amber gemstone is different in that it is not like a “hard rock” like many of us picture traditional gemstones. It is soft and warm to the skin as well as relatively fragile, so care is needed to avoid impact, otherwise it could chip or shatter. It should not be gnawed on by little ones and especially bracelets should be worn with care. With proper care, Lithuanian Baltic Amber will last indefinitely.  It is not recommended to expose Amber to soaps, lotions, hairspray, perfume, chlorine and other harsh chemicals as it will strip the Amber of its natural healing "oil" or leave a residue blocking absorption of the healing substance.  Also,  the constant wet and dry from bath time and swimming can cause the cord to wear out.   You can clean your jewelry with plain warm water or a salt water solution and a very soft toothbrush or cloth.  I also highly recommend to store your amber carefully and to not overtighten the screw clasp closures.


What Does Baltic Amber Feel Like?
It's quite soft, lightweight and warm to the touch, almost like a warm plastic.  It is not sharp or cold like we traditionally think of "rocks." It also retains its warmth. You can put a piece of genuine Baltic Amber in the freezer and it will still remain warm!


Raw or Polished - Which Is Best?
Many people tout that raw and light colors are best or strongest, but in my experience, people have experienced equally favorable results from polished and dark Lithuanian Baltic Amber pieces.  Baltic Amber and all Amber, for that matter, is the same substance through and through.  Polishing just buffs out the roughness and that is it.  I have numerous testimonies of dramatic relief from customers who have purchased polished and dark colors alike!  You can see some of them at  So, until I see independent scientific studies proving one way or another,  it is my best recommendation to choose what is aesthetically attractive to you, what compliments your baby's skin tone and you will see benefit and results.


Should I Get a Teething Necklace or Bracelet/Anklet for My Baby?

In my experience with customers, teething necklaces have been more effective just because the skin around the neck is much warmer and supple than ankle skin, thus resulting in faster and better absorption.  But...some parents are just not comfortable with their babies in a necklace, so another option is to get one of each and remove the necklace at bedtime but leave the anklet on 'round the clock.  Or....get two anklets and put one on each wrist or ankle for greater exposure.


Do You Sell Both Pop and Screw Clasp Jewelry?
99% screw clasp.  In my experience and research, pop clasps are not reliable and babies end up losing their jewelry with just the littlest of tugs.  Always monitor young children, but if strong force is applied to the screw clasp necklaces or bracelets, they WILL break for your peace of mind.  Our baby and children's jewelry are all individually knotted for your little one's safety.