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Make Your Own - 5 pack

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Yoto says: Unleash your creativity with a pack of blank Yoto cards that can be linked to (almost) anything!

Get grandparents to record bedtime stories, make a playlist from music files on your computer, or listen to your favourite radio station. You can also link Make Your Own cards to any content in your Yoto library - useful for replacing lost cards.

Make Your Own cards are can be edited as many times as you like! Just use the Yoto app or Create page to change or update the content on each card.

Create in 3 easy steps:

  1. Record your own audio or upload MP3s
  2. Make a playlist from your audio
  3. Link your playlist to a card

How much does a card hold?

The limit for each card is as follows:

- 100 tracks per card

- 1 hour running time for any single track

- 100MB maximum file size of any single track

- 500MB maximum total file size of the audio content for any one card

This pack includes: 5 Make Your Own Cards and sticker sheets.

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