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Knitted Diplodicus & Rattle

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Knitted Diplodicus, our cheerful Dippy, is a firm favourite with dinosaur mad kids. In real life the Diplodicus had one of the smallest brains of the dinosaur family, but it was still way ahead of the Stegosaurus which had the brain the size of a walnut! It didn't need to be the brightest as it had no natural enemies, perhaps because of its sheer size or maybe because it looks so friendly?
Available in two sizes our diplodocus is one of our most popular dinosaur toys. The large is a soft toy, the small also incorporates a rattle.

Ideal gift ideas for kids of all ages - particularly dinosaur mad ones!

Approximate size:
Large - height 29cm x length 32cm
Small - height 14cm x length 20cm 
Made from ethically sourced acrylic, and machine washable.
Suitable from birth and totally gorgeous!

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