Every child's feet grow differently and at different times.  In fact, your child's feet could be smaller or larger than the recommended size for her or his age.  That's why it's best to get your child’s feet measured every few months.

If not sure of size required to order, please send us measurements along with your order and we can adjust the size if necessary. To measure your child’s feet at home, use  a ruler or tape measure and measure both the lengths and widths of your child's feet.   Make sure that each foot is fully extended.  For the length, measure from the heel to the longest toe.  For the width, make sure to measure the widest part of the foot.  

Please note, our size recommendation will be slightly larger than your child's foot to provide room for healthy foot growth and for longer usage.


They flex and bend with every step while providing extra protection as they promote good balance and unrestricted growth.

1. Split rubber sole provides added protection and support

2. Cushioned insole gives added support and comfort

3. Elasticized ankle makes it easy to put shoe on or off

4. Structured fit has more shoe like feel